RSS - Really Simple Syndication

An RSS feed is essentially a live, regularly updated summary of the content on a Webpage. They’re widely used on news sites and blogs, like this one. Using Feed Reader software, you can automatically take RSS Feeds from any number of Websites and display them however you like.

For example, if you subscribe to a News RSS Feed, lets say “Headlines” from and displayed it on your Webpage, here is what you would get:

Ashes 2017: Time for a men's and women's clean sweep, says Alyssa Healy
The women have done their bit retaining the Ashes, and now it's the men's turn to make it a summer sweep by winning back the urn.
Coal trumps Trump as climate talks villain
The conference culminated in 20 countries - including New Zealand, the UK and Canada - creating a new Powering Past Coal alliance.
Solo sailor plucked from ocean off WA
The yacht ran into trouble on Thursday night and a commercial ship went to the solo sailor's rescue after he alerted the International Emergency Response Coordination Centre in the United States.

You don’t have to display a Feed in a Webpage like this. You can use software to gather the RSS Feeds and display them on your computer. Some web browsers have a built in function that allows you to subscribe to a feed so you can read the latest content without having to visit the actual site.

This image below shows how to check and directly access my blog posts, using RSS and without visiting my Website:

RSS Screenshot Firefox

Another way to read this blog is to visit the Ecreate Facebook Page. We used RSS to display our blog post on this Facebook page.

RSS is undeniably powerful. If you want to learn more, check out RSS on Wikipedia, or watch this video called RSS in Plain English.


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